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Professor Rice and her butler were kidnapped by the Riddler! What is the conspiracy behind the Riddler? Can Inspector Smith save them? Application of neologism and ‘cryptex’ are discussed in this issue.

Poseidon, the god of the sea was angry about the pollution caused by human activities and decided to declare war to the mankind! Little mermaid tried to prevent the tragedy by asking the witch change herself into a human being!

The Comedy of Errors has come to the forth episode. Antipholus of Ephesus was arrested by the guards for not paying the necklace to Angelo the jeweler. Unfortunately, he ordered the wrong servant to ask for bail money from Adriana. What happened next? How did Adriana treat Antipholus of Ephesus for his ‘strange act’?

It is a brand new section about origin and applications of some commonly used English Idioms. In this issue, we are going to discuss the explanations and examples of ‘a white elephant’ and ‘get cold feet’.

It is another new section introducing new methods to learn new English vocabulary. We can learn new words by building linkage between two words with utterly different meanings. Check this out!

How many kinds of facial expressions about happiness can you think of? Try to match the expressions against the respective vocabulary!

Can you think of the longest word in the world and how many letters does it have? What if ‘right’ is not the opposite of ‘left’?

Is it possible to make any jokes in playing hide and seek and merry-go-round? What if you are requested to dress nine pieces of clothes to attend a Christmas ball? Let’s Giggle can make you smile.

Can you name the author who wrote The Lord of the Rings? We are going to reveal his early life before he had become a famous writer and to appreciate some inspiring quotes in his works.

What will you wish for if you encounter a genie? Would you like to taste deserts in a dessert? Remember, always keeps smile!

Santa Claus is coming to town! Let’s learn how to make a smiling paper model of Santa Claus together with learning about the background of this legendary character.

Brainteaser trains your mind! What has to be broken before you can use it?

Which is which? Words with similar spellings such as ‘affect’/ ‘effect’ are hard to differentiate. Is there any way to avoid confusions and misunderstandings?

Can we cross the road safely using the zebra crossing? Do we need to buy the train if we need to travel on it? Enjoy Jolly Comics with humorous scenes and conversations!

The word puzzle of human body parts can be challenging! Test yourself in Word Games.

Roman Style is the most commonly used style of the modern western calligraphy. What are the characteristics of Roman Letters?

TOEFL® JuniorTM is an internationally recognised English language assessment. How does it act as a stepping stone in increasing the chance of be admitted by overseas institutions?

Handshaking determines your first impression in others’ eyes. Are there any key points to note when we are or before shaking a new friend’s hand?

It is easy to mix up the usage of ‘other’ and ‘another’ as the difference between them is quite subtle. Try to learn with some real-life examples!

Can you imagine a teacher eats your homework? Appreciate the work by Kenn Nesbitt and learn writing beautiful poems.

Back to basics means to review the fundamental game rules in order to secure a victory in every encounters. The use of two-letter words will be discussed in this chapter.

How to describe events happening at the moment? Try to understand the usage and restrictions in present continuous tense with detailed sentence structure break downs!

Emmanuel Primary School adopts special phonics programmes in English lessons. Let’s see how they enjoy learning lessons! Also, we shall take a look at MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College’s application of smart phone apps to promote vocabulary learning among students.

The Man and The Sea Saw is an Australian production by stage playwright Wolfe Bowart. Invite your family and friends to watch this heart-warming show!